Top 8 Health Benefits of Playing Table Tennis

Top 8 Health Benefits of Playing Table Tennis

  1. Hand-eye coordination

    With eyes on the ball and a hand on the paddle, table tennis naturally promotes an improvement of hand-eye coordination. Table tennis is considered as one of the fastest sports in the world and with so many different variations to the ball, it really needs a high-level of hand-eye coordination to excel.

  2. Develops mental awareness

    Developing tactics and strategies are just as important as force or footwork. With a really fast game like table tennis, you really need sharpness of mind and careful planning of strategies because there is literally no time to think. Once in a rally, it’s mostly instincts and pre-planned strategies taking over.

  3. Improves reflexes

    With the fast-paced nature of the sport, it comes as no surprise that a player’s bodily reflexes will also improve.

  4. Improves core muscles

    Unlike other sports, table tennis is easier on the joints; but like other sports, it will definitely work out your leg, arm, and core muscle strength. One exceptional body part that gets trained a lot will be the core since power is generated from the core and there’s a lot of twisting motion when doing offensive movements.

  5. Burns calories

    Did you know? A 150lb-person can burn as much as  272calories/hour by playing table tennis. Definitely a fun way to shed those extra pounds!

  6. Maintain mental wellness

    Table tennis improves cognitive awareness. It also stimulates various components of the brain. A study by Japanese researches show that it could also possibly prevent dementia.

  7. Improves balance

    A player needs to be quick on his feet, as well as able to maintain balance throughout a rally.

  8. Expands your social circle

    As with any sport, this is a great opportunity to meet new people and make new friends.

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