Coaching FAQ

Professional Table Tennis Training

Green Paddle offers professional coaching and training sessions in all branches. Each of the facilities has a professional training environment with standard rubber flooring and tournament-quality table tennis tables. All of our training centers also provide robot-training for those who want to train with higher intensities alone.

Coaching schedules will have to be booked in advance while walk-in table rentals are also accepted subject to the availability of tables. Priority will always be given to coaching sessions. 

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Age requirements?

Table tennis can be played by anyone from ages 4 to 99! Interested parties must be at least 4 years of age and some of our specific branches have an adjustable table that is especially suited for young children so that they can learn the right form even with their height disadvantage.

2. Training duration & frequency?

Training duration and frequency would really depend on the player, taking into account their level of commitment, desire to improve, amount of free time, and training capacity. Rest assured that our staff would always try their best to accommodate all interested students requesting for coaching sessions.

We would recommend for health-driven professionals to at least train twice a week, and to play with friends at least once a week. While playing only once a week might make it difficult for children or passionate players to improve quickly, two to three times a week would be the average amongst our players. For rapid improvement, training 4 to 5 times a week would be ideal. On the other hand, we wouldn't recommend more than two hours of individual training for one coaching session since it would be hard to maintain concentration longer than this. Training for 1 to 1-1/2 hours can work well depending on the player’s stamina.

3. Types of training done?

For beginners, training time would be spent mostly learning the correct form in hitting the ball. New players need to do a lot of “shadowing” and hit a lot of balls repeatedly to groove in the correct technique. Aside from that, proper footwork for the sport will also be taught as well as the correct warm-up stretches and cool-down exercises before and after each training session. Beginners would start to learn the forehand stroke, backhand stroke, basic service and receive techniques, and general rules in the sport of table tennis. We put a lot of emphasis on this stage of development for our athletes because we firmly believe that without a solid foundation in the correct form and technique, our athletes will struggle in trying to improve their games in the future.

For intermediate players, more training time will be devoted to higher-level skills such as learning the forehand and backhand loop, more complicated service and receive techniques, lobbing and smashing the ball, general game tactics and strategies, etc. As the player progresses, the forehand and backhand “spin” strokes will be trained more often to prepare the player for more advanced styles of play and to join table tennis tournaments and events.

Aside from basic and intermediate levels of coaching, we also provide coaching sessions for advanced players where majority of the training time will be allotted to the tactical aspect of the sport to really improve the players’ competence in tournaments.

4. Kinds of coaching classes?

We provide coaching lessons for all skill levels, from beginners to advanced players. We also accept private one-on-one coaching for beginners, intermediate, & advanced as well as group coaching sessions that can be pre-arranged.

5. Coaching fee?

It would depend on the level of coaching and the specific coach requested. Some coaches with more professional experience would have a higher coaching fee. Please contact us for more details.