Table Rentals

Rent a Table

table-tennis-table-rentalsLooking for a place to play table tennis and have a blast with your friends or families? Want to challenge your friends for a competition? Green Paddle got you covered with our table rentals in select branches for groups of people who simply want to have fun! 

Each of our Green Paddle facilities offers all the amenities that you need for a great experience!

*Reservations are required for table rentals.*

Benefits of Playing Table Tennis

  • Playing table tennis is a great daily exercise to keep fit and motivated!
  • Table tennis can be the bridge to your social bonding experience with your friends and families.
  • The nature of table tennis is a fast-paced action sport, with that being said, it can help you improve your reflexes.
  • Table tennis can improve your body coordinations and keep your brain sharp! Playing table tennis can increase your cognitive awareness.