Train With a Table Tennis Robot

table-tennis-robopongCan’t find a partner to train with, but still want to improve? Robopong is the answer for you! It is an essential for developing your skills to the next level. 

All our Green Paddle training centres provide robot-training for athletes who do not have a partner to train with or simply wanting to train alone with higher intensities.

*Reservations are required for Robopong.*


  • Robopong is a great way for players to develop body coordinations, balances and most importantly quick reflexes.
  • Robopong is also an ideal choice for family activities, it is easy to learn and it engages you physically and mentally, not to mention, ping pong is also a safe sport compared to other higher injury rate. 
  • Robots are easy to use with options that suit your training routine. Whether you want it to fire faster, different types of spin or a precise point on the table, our Robopong got you covered.
  • Our Robopong services are affordable for anyone! 
  • Lastly, Robopong is the secret weapon for training to dominate the game!