Professional Table Tennis Coaching

Table Tennis Coaching

table-tennis-coachingGreen Paddle offers professional pingpong coaching and training sessions in all our branches. Each facility has a professional training environment with standard rubber flooring and tournament-standard table tennis tables. All our training centers also provide robot-training for those who want to train alone with higher intensities. 

For parents who want to register their children in table tennis lessons, coaching schedules will have to be booked in advance. We also accept walk-in table rentals but are subject to the availability of tables. Priority will always be given to coaching sessions. 

You are more than welcome to inquire with us about customizing your own training packages!

What's It Like?


For beginners, it starts with the right warm-up routine to get the body ready for more intense drills. Then, the trainee would undergo shadow exercises and basic multi-ball drills to set the foundation. Afterwards, it will be more advanced training concepts of the sport such as third-ball attack, service-receive and many others.

Coaching Rates

Caloocan Branch

1 Session = P480+

10 Sessions = P4500+

Shaw Branch

1 Session = P580+

10 Sessions = P5300+

For more information, check out our table tennis Coaching FAQ.