Yinhe 970xx C

by Yinhe

At the end of 1997, an epoch-making ball board was born in the Galaxy factory in Baiyangdian. This is the first ballboard produced by Galaxy equipped with woven carbon fiber, and perhaps the first woven carbon fiber ball plate produced in China. It is the structure of the Galaxy 970. 5 wood + 2 carbon fiber makes the 970 maintain a light weight, but also has a very fast ball speed and a transparent hand. In the era when carbon is still a rare thing, the Galaxy 970 floor is rapid. Become a classic carbon plate of the 38mm small ball era.

 On December 26th, 2017, the 20th anniversary of the "Spherical Family" Galaxy brand grandly launched the tribute to the 970 floor of the first generation - 970XX bottom plate (XX is the meaning of 20 in the Roman alphabet).

Layers: 5+2
Speed: 11
Control: 7
Weight: 89g
Type: OFF++