Y&T V988 Table Tennis Robot 2019 Version

by Y&T
V-988 Ver.2019
Based on the original V-988, the following functions have been added: one-key spin selection, exam mode, ball counting and finer gear adjustment. It makes the user more comfortable to operate.
Total Weight
Net Weight
Package Measurement
Machine body measurement
9 different spins
Ball spin(top spin, under spin, left side, right side, top left side, under left side, top right side, under right side, no spin)
One-key to select top spin, under spin, no spin
Serve frequency
30-90Balls/min, totally 16 gears
Serve speed
Each wheel can be adjusted in 16 gears
Serve curve
Range of adjustable angle from 0-40 degree.
Landing spot
Fixed point/two points on whole table
Irregular and random landing spot
Various serve sequence
Exam mode: Self-programmed speed(spin), frequency, total ball counts and landing spot can be set
Total ball counts
1-999 balls
LED Digital display control box
Solid state display light