TSP Regalis Blue

by TSP
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The new offensive rubber with built-in speed-glue effect "Made in Japan“ has been developed with the new technology "Dynamic Tension“. This new invention from our mother company in Japan gives your strokes maximum speed and a never seen rotation to the ball. The combination of middle hard sponge and the special "Dynamic Tension“ technology guarantees enormous feeling, especially during long topspin rallies but also in the serve and receive game.
The popular, high-quality rubbers will be recognized in TSP Agrit – the new offensive standard, the TSP Agrit "Dynamic Tension‘‘. This is the speed glue effect of a new generation! The new development stands for maximum speed, extreme rotation, and an unbelievable catapult effect. The new sponge structure and the special gluing technique enlarge the contact time between ball and rubber during the topspin. The ball gets noticeably more catapult, you will feel a new speed-dimension. The special speed-feeling makes "Dynamic Tension" technology a real weapon for modern offensive players.
Speed : 9.1
Spin : 9.5
Control : 9.5
Type : Pimple-in