Joola ZeLeBRO PBO-c

by Joola
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The new Joola ZeLeBRO is an absolutely top class blade, only the best materials are used. This 7-ply offensive miracle develops explosive and direct power without losing control. 

The centrepiece of the sensitive ZeLeBRO is the synthetic PBO Poly (p-phenylen-2,6-benzobisoxazol) fibres, plain woven with the carbon bundles, directly positioned under the Limba upper veneer. This causes an enlarged sweet spot, a lot of dynamics and a medium hard stroke at flat trajectory due to the interaction of the ratio of natural woods (Limba, Kiri, Koto) and the PBO carbon fibre fabric. 
The vibration dampening effect of the PBO-c compound and the even ball bounce are ideal for all players preferring direct offence and precise positioning.

This blade is an asset in every playing situation which is exactly what players expect from a blade!
Speed : 9.4
Control : 7.6
Weight : 85-90g
Layers : 5+2