Joola TPE Fight

by Joola
The all new Joola Top-Player-Edition outstanding competitive blades for enthusiastic players. The Joola TPE Fight represents "Pure Power", developed by working together with top contracted players and coaches, such as German table tennis legend Jörg Roßkopf, the world class defensive player Chen Weixing and the European champion Petrissa Solja. Outstanding noble and elegant purity.
A special type of Aramid fibre blade. On top of the high-value Kevlar Carbon texture (Kevlar owns the largest specific tear resistance related to the weight), only particularly high value and selected materials are used in the production of the Joola Fight. The extremely quick blade also allows topspin balls to be played with feeling and a lot of spins. Surprising and point winning speed changes are possible, especially when playing long spin rallies.
Speed : 10.0
Control : 7.8
Layers : 7 Ply
Weight : 92g
Materials : Kevlar, Hinoki, Koto, Ayous