Joola Spirit Off+

by Joola
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The highlight of the Spirit series! The 6.5mm thick core (Balsa with black and therefore harder Ayous veneers) guarantees the highest speed and hardest topspins. The optimal bending strength (due to the special glueing of the core) and the employment of the 0.8mm thick Koto top veneer ensure that speed is the greatest aspect of the blade.

Multiple Compound System

The broad three blade series Spirit is made using the Multiple-Compound-System (MCS). The core of the blade consists of several veneers, which are first glued horizontally and then sliced up vertically. On top of this, are two traditionally glued layers. This ensures a high bending strength and an exceptional control over the blade. The thicker (stronger) the horizontally glued veneers are, the faster the blade becomes. The MCS-System enables quick blades with high control.

Layers : 4+1 Fineline black, Koto, X (Balsa/Ayous)
Speed : 9.8
Control : 5.5
Weight : 90g