Joola Quattro Carbon

by Joola
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The JOOLA Quattro Carbon is the innovative result of two specially chosen components: wood veneers and carbon fibers. Five selected wood veneers harmonize perfectly with 4 UD carbon fibers and produce impressive playing characteristics. The 4 UD carbon fibers are parallel to each other not interwoven. This gives the JOOLA Quattro Carbon the highest tempo and direct gameplay, ideal for a risk-oriented offensive game. The UD carbon fibers give a uniform, controlled ball jump and added stability. The core of the fast JOOLA Quattro Carbon is the soft Samba veneer. This gives the wood, together with the very light and also soft Balsa layers, which lie on the inner UD fibers, a more even ball stop and a lot of control. This hybrid combination of hard synthetic fibers and soft wood veneers make the Quattro Carbon the perfect choice for players looking for maximum speed and stability coupled with a good level of control.

• Very offensive 5+4 ply blade
• UD carbon fibers provide uniform, controlled ball jump and added stability
• Suitable for the modern offensive player who plays with great speed

Veneer: 5+4
Speed: 113 (EXTREME)
Control: 48
Playstyle: Offensive – Offensive Extreme
Technology: UDC
Weight: 83g