Joola Petrissa Solja Off-

by Joola
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This sensational 5-ply full blade is convincing for players of all performance levels. The secret of the P. Solja is the balance of speed, lightness and ball feel. The slightly thicker Limba outer veneers give the P. Solja a longer dwell time and therefore a high trajectory, which benefits players who spin. 

The soft pine veneer conveys an equally soft stroke feeling to the player and provides maximum ball control in critical situations. The P. Solja impresses by its extraordinary playing features. It can be used in many ways and is suitable for all playing types from half-distance topspin players to block and counter play at the table. 

The P. Solja takes the modern all-round game to the next level!
Type : Offensive - 
Weight : 90g
Layers : 5 Ply