Joola Maxxx 450

by Joola
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The new "GeoGrip Power Technology" is used with an even more intense friction surface, develops significantly more grip of the ball for more spin. Ideal in connection with the specially made pimple arrangement and the large macropore structure of the sponge for perfect topspin shots at the highest speed! these characteristics come to be a huge advantage, especially when playing with the new Poly-ball.
Joola Maxxx 450 is a combination of medium Geo Sponge and the new upper rubber surface provides the optimum power! With the Geo-Force Technology, Maxxx 450 passes on the full potential. Suitable for spin attackers, also mid-distance who wants great ball feedback!
Speed : 9.1
Spin : 9.1
Control : 9.2
Sponge Hardness : 45°
Type : Pimple-in