Joola Flame Low

by Joola
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Joola Flame Low weighs only 80 grammes despite its oversized 5-ply defensive blade. International Joola top players ( Tatjana Kostromina and Chen Weixing ) were essential in the development of comprehensive tests. Characterised with perfect balance for defensive play and controllable yet aggressive attacks.
The all new Joola blade series "Flame" is based on the revolutionary Joola Burn-technology. Outer veneers heated to more than 200°C in a special kiln. This technique guarantees a warp-free blade and excellent stiffness and durability with extraordinary control features. Combined together with the sophisticated WSI technology, the Joola Flame series is the latest innovation in the blade sector.
Speed : 7.0
Control : 10.0
Layers : 5 Ply
Weight : 82g