Joola Chen Weixing

by Joola

High-quality defensive blades have always been a strength of Joola. Now in conjunction with Chen Weixing, a new blade is launched which is designed for the modern defensive player. It is fast enough to play powerful topspin shots but still with control for chop play. This is achieved by a special twin black/cloth layer between the koto and Kiri plies.

The artist, Chen Weixing is totally enthused with this new Joola blade. "I can safely play strong forehand loop shots from half distance with great feeling and high speed but at the same time play secure backhand chops at the necessary length to force my opponent into mistakes."

Materials : Limba, Koto, Black-Cloth, Kiri
Type: Def+
Speed: 6.0
Control: 9.5
Weight: 85g