Donic Ovtcharov Exclusive Carbon

by Donic
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Ovtcharov Exclusive Carbon Blade is the newest and fastest addition to Donic's Exclusive line of blades, named after 4 of the top table tennis stars of recent times. The specially selected ply combinations of the Exclusive series provide these competition blades with increased control and smooth playing characteristics.

The existing models are Applegren (ALL-), Waldner (ALL+), and Persson (OFF). The new Ovtcharov model adds 2 carbon layers, making it the first Exclusive blade with carbon and also making it slightly faster than the Persson. This blade series offers Donic’s best values in competition quality blades. The Ovtcharov model serving as a great introduction to the advantages of carbon blades.

Speed : 9.0
Control : 7.5
Weight : 85g
Layers : 7 ply