DHS TG Skyline 3-60

by DHS
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Classic Skyline 3-60 is equipped with a soft and elastic sponge that brings a unique sense of depth with ball contact. Skyline 3-60 is designed with a unique sponge-rubber combination. It absorbs and responds rapidly on ball contact, providing excellent elasticity and speed. 
Such dynamic properties make Skyline 3-60 ideal for continuous and high strength loop attacks with minimal effort is needed. The soft elastic sponge and pliable rubber is perfect for making fast attacks and subtle technical changes with the wrist, to deceive the opponent. Skyline 3-60 generates strong and changeable spin. Supported by soft elastic sponge, the sticky rubber optimizes such spin potential. 
Players using Skyline 3-60 will not be limited to one certain type of loop but have the option of making varied loop techniques.
Speed : 8.6
Spin : 8.9
Control : 8.4
Tackiness : 6.3
Type : Pimple-in