Butterfly Tenergy 25


Tenergy is a revolutionary pimples in rubber. It combines the original "Spring Sponge" and High Tension technology designed by Butterfly. The best for playing close to the table following extensive tests by both technology and players. 

Tenergy 25 enables the player to attack strongly with both spin and power whether near to the table or at half distance. It is the perfect answer for the player of today and tomorrow. Tenergy is also the fastest and most explosive rubber in Butterfly line all without the use of any speed-glues or tuning. Tenergy 25 will keep its speed throughout the life of the rubber without need for any special treatments. 

Spring Sponge feels hard yet its new technology allows it to hold the ball on the racket longer. High Tension rubbers have tension built in to the sponge and top-sheet. This helps reduce the amount of energy lost at the point of impact. In essence, it turns the speed of your opponents shot into additional power for you. 

The first such rubber was Bryce, introduced in 1997. It is by far the most widely used rubber among Butterfly’s sponsored players including the 2003 World Champion, Werner Schlager(AUT).

Speed : 8.9
Spin : 9.2
Control : 8.9
Sponge Hardness : 4.4 
Type : Pimple-in