Butterfly Tenergy 05

Classic Tenergy 05, first member of the family, featuring the original shape of the pimples. This product brings our development code No. 05 and combines High Tension technology with the characteristics of this rubber. Tenergy 05 has already been evaluated by groups of leading players, as well as by scientific measurement, as the best rubber for spinning, both when serving and during a rally!  Spring Sponge provides grip to the ball and enables the return back at high speed with heavy spin at the same time! 
Tenergy 05 is very popular rubber among world-class table tennis players. European Champion Timo Boll uses Tenergy 05 on forehand and backhand.
Speed : 9.3
Spin : 9.4
Control : 8.3
Sponge Hardness : 6.3
Type : Pimple-in