Joola Samba Tech

by Joola
The new Samba Tech is, like its preceding model Samba Plus, a high-end development made in Germany.

The very large-pored 37.5° sponge of the Samba Tech differs significantly from its predecessor. In addition, the pimple configuration of the upper rubber was radically improved. The pimples are wider, therefore spaces are smaller. This results in direct ball response and increased propulsion for offensive strokes. The traditional distinctive Samba sound was also inbuilt and even intensified.

The upper rubber of the new Joola Samba is at the highest level of technical expertise. The revised, micro-fine surface structure provides increased dwell time allowing shots to be played with the finest of angles without the ball slipping off. The arc remains aggressive and playing enjoyment is unlimited.

Speed : 10.4
Spin : 11.1
Control : High
Sponge Hardness : 37.5°
Type : Pimple-in
Made in Germany