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Top 8 Health Benefits of Playing Table Tennis

We all love the game of ping pong, but do you know that table tennis has a ton of health benefits as well? It's suitable for all ages and is a fun sport!

What’s in My Table Tennis Bag?

Have you ever seen one of those blog posts about some celebrity’s handbag and the things that you can find inside it?

8 Pingpong Essentials to Be the Very Best (…Like No One Ever Was)

Admit it, you’ve been bitten by the Pokémon Go bug too, but that’s no reason to slack off on training… table tennis training that is

Different Types of Table Tennis Grips

Table tennis is a racket sport, which means that a player’s main weapon at hand is his paddle. Putting aside skills, techniques, and footwork for the mo

How to Prepare for a Major Table Tennis Tournament?

Participating in major table tennis tournaments is always a daunting and turbulent experience for all table tennis players, regardless of their tournament exp

How Can You Beat a Player One-Level Higher Than You?

In the previous article “How to Prepare for a Major Table Tennis Tournament”, we learned how to amply prepare ourselves to heighten our chances up

Top 8 Common Table Tennis Mistakes and How You Can Overcome Them

Table tennis and its complexity demands downright focus, time investment for training sessions, and perseverance for players to improve.

Why You Need a Professional Table Tennis Coach

What are the benefits of having a professional table tennis coach? Is hiring a coach well-worth the investment?

What Should You Do When You Just Can’t Return Your Opponent’s Service

Now this is something almost all table tennis players should have experienced.

Different Kinds of Spins In Table Tennis

Spin can spell the difference between an intermediate player and an advanced player, so it is really vital to familiarize ourselves with everything there is